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Bring Your Pet Cattle Dog

All cattle dogs must be on a lead

In collaboration with:

Pet Cattle Dog Classes

–  Basic manners class (covering jumping, getting attention, recall etc)

–  Tricks Training – having fun reaching your dog tricks

–  Loose Lead Walking

Pet Cattle Dog Presentations

–  Teenage dogs – understanding your dog during adolescence

–  How dogs learn – getting the most from your training

–  Understanding destructive behaviours – avoiding barking, digging, chewing

Pet Cattle Dog Area Program – Sat 10th Muswellbrook Showground

  • 10.30am: Class (40 mins) – Basic Manners: we will cover things like jumping up, barking, getting your dog’s attention and teaching your dog to come back to you.
  • 11.30am:  Presentation (20-30 mins) – “How to Love & Survive a Teenage Dog” (Author: Barbara Hodel): Learn about problem solving all those challenges you face with a young, active dog.
  • 12.00pm: Competition (30 mins) – Best Aussie Pair: how well can you and your dog look like a true Aussie!
  • 12.30pm: Class (40 mins) – Trick Training: teaching your dog some basic tricks will build a great relationship between you, and keep your dog’s mind busy and engaged.
  • 1.30pm:  Presentation (20-30mins) – “Enriching Your Dog’s Life” (Erin Williams of Beyond Dog Training): How to use enrichment to fulfil your dog’s needs and to prevent problems from developing.
  • 2.00pm: Competition (30 mins) – Best Trick: show us your dog’s best trick that it loves to do, is clever and fun for your dog.
  • 2.30pm: Competition (30 mins) – Best Bandana: get your designer bandanas on and show off your gorgeous dog!
  • 2.30pm: Class (40 mins) – Walking Nicely on Lead: we will teach you how to get your dog to walk calmly on lead and focused on you.
  • 3.00pm:  Presentation – “Training your Dog Successfully”: learn how dogs learn and watch some live demos of how easily you can teach your dog new things.

'Best Mate' Adventure

We are happy for you to bring your pet cattle dog for a day out at the Muster but for the comfort and safety of others, strict conditions apply.

This is a Public event where young children and other cattle dogs will be present so please be mindful of the conditions.

Please read the information below carefully as the event will be heavily policed on entering the venue and throughout the day.

Entry may be refused on the day and you may be asked to leave the venue at anytime if conditions are not met.

  • Only cattle dogs permitted – No other breeds.

  • Dogs must be on a lead at all times – Can not be led by children under 12 years of age. 

  • Dogs must hold all current vaccinations – Vaccination verification required upon entry.

  • Dogs must be able to mix socially with other dogs.

  • Dogs must be able to mix with children.

  • Dogs must be comfortable in a large crowd environment.

  • Dogs must not be left unattended at any stage.

  • Owners must ensure immediate collection and disposal of their pet cattle dog waste.

Please note: Dogs showing any sign of stress or aggression will be asked to be removed from the venue.

Sponsored by:

Great Cattle Dog Muster


Muswellbrook Showground
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